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New Partner Joins Responsible Companies in the Fund for Transparent Slovakia

The rule of law and a fair environment for living and leading a business in Slovakia are currently as relevant as they were when the fund was established in 2012. Strengthening the Fund for Transparent Slovakia is therefore important news and evidence of the business sector's interest in protecting the democratic principles.

The Fund for Transparent Slovakia emerged as a unique initiative of responsible companies that support watchdog and analytical organizations, contributing to law enforcement, reducing corruption, increasing transparency, and improving the business environment. Their common ambition is to bring Slovakia closer to a rule of law with a predictable and fair space for business and life. 

The current thirteen partners of the Fund have been joined by Lidl Slovak Republic. By their signature, the company declares that the protection of democracy and the principles of the rule of law are important to them regardless of the composition of governmental or judicial institutions. 

“Independent mechanisms to monitor their activities are carried out by civil organizations whose work we value. We are proud to join companies whose sincere interest is to stand with the non-governmental organizations defending integrity, fairness, and moral values in our society,” said Zita Szlavikovics, General Director of Lidl Slovak Republic. 

The current events in Slovakia confirm the concerns about the growing disregard for transparency principles and the rule of law in the public sphere. “Where the state fails, non-governmental non-profit organizations play an irreplaceable role in strengthening these principles. They are extremely important watchdogs across all sectors, yet their standard sources of funding are significantly limited,” reminded Andrea Ungvölgyi, a member of the Fund’s executive committee and CSR expert at Orange Slovensko. 

According to her, the Fund for Transparent Slovakia, as a unique platform, confirms that a transparent environment is crucial for the corporate sector as well. 

The Fund Supports Projects Aimed at Strengthening Democracy

Since 2012, the Fund has announced 12 grant calls, supporting over 70 projects aimed at increasing transparency and fighting corruption with a total amount of over 1,2 million euros. 

In addition, it organizes the Academy of Investigative Journalism and provides financial and mentoring support to journalists who professionally engage in investigation and provide opinion-diverse and socially significant information. The result of last year’s Academy were three investigative projects that mapped illegal constructions around the Veľká Domaša water reservoir, child pornography in Slovakia, and suspicious real estate boom in the Tatra Mountain region. 

Last year, the fund announced grant calls under the Impact Lab program, which, thanks to European support, develops the skills of civil organizations. In this spirit, it continues this year to systematically support projects aimed at strengthening democracy and its institutions. 

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