25. 08. 2021 Philanthropy

Slovenské elektrárne will help 25 families through their Special Employee Programme

There are many families in Slovakia who are in difficult situations. Many times, there are children with severe health problems or family members who come from socially disadvantaged backgrounds. Thanks to the support from Slovenské elektrárne Endowment Fund at the Pontis Foundation, the families of their employees, as well as unrelated families from the outside of the company, who were recommended by the employees, will receive a financial contribution.

In June, the Slovenské elektrárne Endowment Fund at the Pontis Foundation announced another round of the Special Employee Programme with the aim of supporting children with disabilities and making quality education accessible to children whose families are in a difficult situation. Through this call, we supported 25 families, and the ratio of the families of employees to those recommended from the outside was balanced. The total redistributed amount is 28,631.34 euros.

“It is difficult for many of us to imagine how much energy and effort a parent who cares for a child with severe disabilities needs every day. Many are often single parents who, besides taking care of their children, have to find a way to mitigate the consequences of fate. Support and help from their communities are extremely important. For both them and us,” says Oľga Baková, Communications and Sustainable Development Manager of Slovenské elektrárne.

“Almost all of those who are not our employees and have asked for help live only on a care allowance. Therefore, I thank my colleagues for being attentive to other people’s difficult situations and writing a recommendation for families who live in their neighbourhood,” she adds.


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