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The EcoVillage programme will support 12 projects that will contribute to the development of bicycle transport and safe infrastructure

Thanks to the Slovenské elektrárne Endowment Fund and its grant programme entitled EcoVillage, 12 Slovak towns and municipalities will have better bicycle transport thanks to the new safety elements, bicycle stands, scooter stands and retarders.

In April, the Slovenské elektrárne Endowment Fund at the Pontis Foundation announced the ninth year of the EcoVillage 2022 grant call. Cycling, whether recreational or professional, has long been popular in Slovakia. Therefore, this year’s goal of the grant programme was to support and expand bicycle transport and create a safe infrastructure in towns and villages, especially around schools and busy places. The projects are to contribute not only to slowing down the traffic but also to the development of cycling as an ecological, healthy, sports and recreational activity in the regions where Slovenské elektrárne power plants are based.

A total of 27 projects participated in the grant call, of which 24 were eligible applicants. The expert jury selected the 12 best ones, among which they will redistribute the amount of 50,000 euros.

“Every single project has gone through a very careful evaluation process. Congratulations to the twelve best. New, we will place modern bicycle stands and colourful stands for children’s scooters to towns and villages in the regions where our power plants are based. We are pleased that projects addressing the slowdown in traffic in busy places have also joined the grant call. Improving road safety by slowing down traffic in residential areas and around schools and school facilities is important, and we are pleased to be able to contribute to this again. Safety is paramount for us and does not end for us outside the plant,” says Oľga Baková, Slovak Power Plants’ Manager for Communications and Sustainable Development.

Supported projects

One of the supported places is Vráble, which has ideal conditions for the development of cycling. The town has identified the need for secure bicycle locking, which is also comfortable for seniors and other vulnerable groups. As part of the project, 45 functional bicycle stands will be added.

In the spa town of Trenčianske Teplice, the movement of residents and visitors is usually quite busy. Thanks to the project, the town will get two new retarders on Hurbanova Street. Besides increasing safety, they will also contribute to reducing noise in this area. At the same time, ten stands will be added to the pedestrian zone in the inner spa area, allowing visitors to safely store their bicycles while they visit cultural events, shops and cafés.

The municipality of Dolný Lopašov will use the grant funding to build two bicycle shelters located at the primary and nursery school, which will enable children to store their bicycles during classes in a safe and covered place.

See the list of all approved projects here.

The evaluation committee:

  • Adrián Chreň (CycloCoalition)
  • Peter Kertys (Slovenské elektrárne)
  • Veronika Čičová (Slovenské elektrárne)
  • Peter Drozdík (Cyclo Zvolen)

The following persons attended the meeting of the committee without the right to vote:

  • Namina Akoussahová, Pontis Foundation
  • Radana Deščíková, Pontis Foundation
  • Matej Palacka, Pontis Foundation

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