26. 02. 2020 Corporate responsibility

Fund for Transparent Slovakia will support 5 organisations in their fight for better Slovakia

The evaluation committee have been formed to serve full year of 2020. Its members will be disclosed only in December in order to avoid influencing of the committee in case of an additional grant call this year.

Hereafter read more about the organisations that were successful in the grant call of Fund for Transparent Slovakia:

VIA IURIS: Measures for credible institutions of legal state (€17 400)

Information published in media about the influence of oligarchs on politicians and justice system show that it is necessary to continue in systemic changes which secure credible and responsible functioning of legal state institutions. After the parliamentary elections, government priorities will be defined anew and thus defining direction of Slovakia for the next 4 years. We will use this period to assert qualified proposals regarding the key institutions of legal state (prosecution, courts of law and parliament) into the government plan and their subsequent transfer into the real legislative changes. Within the scope of this project, we will monitor legislative activities of the government and actively participate in comment procedures as well as monitor selection of a new Attorney General.

Chcemvediet.sk: Digital transparency and freedom of information (12 400 €)

Through chcemvediet.sk portal, we help citizens, journalists and non-profit organisations to request information from the public institutions. We want to improve several functionalities, and also to hire an administrator that would provide support to the requesters regularly instead of current irregular support dependent on volunteers’ availability. We would like to build a data connection to verejne.digital with up-to-date sources of public data. Also we would like to engage wider public to analyses via hackathlon. There will be a „playground“for programmers with prepared code for analysis of connection schemas. For the journalists, there would be tips and tricks for information search as well as a case study.

Stop Corruption Foundation: Zindex.sk: First evaluation of public procurement of municipalities and counties in the electoral period mid-term (18 400€)

After initial successful evaluation of public tenders in Slovak ministries, state offices and companies using Zindex methodology, we will review how procurement is handled by municipalities and counties in 2020. In total, it will possibly represent a smaller total value of purchases; however, there is higher number of purchases often hidden from media or non-profit organisations oversight. It will be the first systematic analysis of procurement in Slovak municipalities and counties and first evaluation for mayors and heads of local governments in mid-term of the electoral period. Besides the actual Zindex calculation, we will analyse procurement activity of state and local governments, point out good and poor practices and assert systemic changes of public procurement into the new parliament.

Strategic Policy Institute: Infosecurity.sk (15 400 €)

Public discourse and political campaigns have moved largely to obscure cyberspace and social networks. People creating disinformation, politicians and extremists are shielding themselves from law or public pressure by online space anonymity in a way that would not be possible in real world. Their activity erodes the pillars of liberal democracy, spreads hate and divides the society. The project Infosecurity.sk originated as a response to this new situation in fast changing information space. It is analytical, watchdog and educational platform that allows digital investigation to uncover anonymous actors in cyberspace and publishes intelligibly and effectively information on key topics to the public.

Institute for economic and social reforms (INEKO): Openly about transportation – large projects under scrutiny (16 400€)

The project reinforces transparency and oversees funds usage in the large transportation department. It uncovers a contrast between plans for large constructions and poor conditions of most road and rail infrastructure that are not even being repaired. It aims to create pressure to reduce waste and to seek more effective solutions. In 2020, it is focusing mainly on 1) opening more sources of important data, 2) monitoring of large projects and tenders, 3) active participation in workgroups at Ministry of Transport and Construction, 4) leaders‘ training (journalists, politicians, civil servants) through workshops and work groups as well as public education through blogs, interviews and media commentaries. All this will contribute to broader awareness and to assertion of sustainable solutions with higher value for money.


Supporting ethics and transparency

The mission of  Fund for Transparent Slovakia is advancement of ethical behaviour and transparency in Slovakia. These organisations and initiatives are important part of democracy strengthening, higher law enforceability and improvement of business environment necessary for economic development of the country.

We are thankful to the member companies for long-term partnership. We will keep informing you about results of supported organisations.

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