09. 11. 2021 Corporate responsibility

We have supported 15 projects under the Show Yourself in a Good Light programme

The Slovenské elektrárne Endowment Fund at the Pontis Foundation has supported 15 projects with the amount of 15,000 euros as part of the Show Yourself in a Good Light project.

The projects were connected with the Our Town event. Employees of Slovenské elektrárne, who have long-term cooperation with civic associations, schools, kindergartens and local governments to beautify and develop the places where they work or live, helped as part of their volunteering activities. The public decided on the projects and their further support in online voting.

Examples of supported projects

OZ AUTIS – Prales (tr. Primaeval Forest)

The Primaeval Forest is a therapeutic and movement-relaxation space that makes effective use of the premises of the Trenčín Centre for Autism. It aims to bring to children a world of movement, peace and relaxation. The centre uses many means to make children perceive with all their senses without feeling overwhelmed. At the same time, it stimulates impaired communication skills and supports education. When made use of properly, the results can be surprisingly positive. It is a magical and fairy-tale world. Thanks to activities such as Our Town, the centre can provide a safe space for the development of children.

Elementary school with kindergarten, Tchaikovsky 285 – Green Oasis

The Green Oasis project was started in reaction to the need for a shelter in the schoolyard and the school’s interest in creating a non-traditional learning space for pupils. The project aims to create an outdoor eco-classroom that will beautify the environment and provide space for experiential education. Part of the project is the preparation of the base, building the supporting structure and planting willow rods, which will later form the walls of the shelter. As part of the Our Town 2021 project, volunteers from Slovenské elektrárne helped the school with preparatory work for concreting the space of the future eco-classroom.

ART-5 – Tourist trail from Tlmáč to Kozárovce and the “Great Rock”

In the first part of the project, during the Our Town event, volunteers from Slovenské elektrárne prepared a new walking path from Tlmáč to Kozárovce through the woods up to the “Great Rock”. The volunteers cleaned the path, created rest areas and did everything necessary to make their way through the thicket forest to the original path to create an interesting route for (not only) family trips. In the next phase, the civic association ART-5 would like to add interesting elements for children, such as swings and ropes, educational boards and tourist signs.

You can find the full list of supported projects HERE.

If you work on a meaningful project and would appreciate help from the employees of Slovenské elektrárne, do not hesitate to find your ambassador among the energy professionals and join the Our Town call together with volunteers again in a year.



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