13. 10. 2021 Philanthropy

We know the results of the second round of the grant call entitled “Support for the LGBT+ Community 2021”

The LGBT+ Community Support Fund at the Pontis Foundation is a platform of partners who care about strengthening diversity in society and, in the absence of financial resources from the state, support the activities of the LGBT+ community in Slovakia. In 2021, in the second round of the grant call "Support of the LGBT+ Community 2021", we supported five projects.

We redistributed 10,000 euros

The grant call aims to financially support organisations that support the LGBT+ community in Slovakia through public benefit activities that will lead to an increase in the quality of life of the LGBT+ community.

One of the supported projects is entitled Do Sports with Us: Connecting the Community <3. It is implemented by the Lotus Flowers Sports Club. It aims to motivate people in the regions to do sports together, thus enabling them to meet and network with the wider LGBT+ community.

Among the supported projects is also the Film Festival of Otherness 2021, which has been implemented by the Inakosť Initiative (tr. Otherness) for 15 years now. The festival is a cultural and educational activity. It aims to raise awareness of the general public about the lives of LGBTI people. It seeks to contribute to the elimination of homophobic and xenophobic attitudes in society, to provide the LGBTI minority and its members with a cultural and social framework for self-awareness.

Liga za duševné zdravie SR (tr. League for Mental Health of the Slovak Republic) with its Safe Place project aims to identify safe places to provide LGBTQI+ people with assistance and support in the mainstream network of health care, psychological and social support, advocacy and legal counselling as well as other assistance services.

Other supported projects are initiatives by individuals. A project entitled Strengthening the Initiative of the Association of Parents and Friends of LGBT+ people aims to disseminate information about the initiative through the website and raise awareness of mutual support and joint problem-solving. Another project, entitled QueerSlovakia.sk – LGBTI online magazine, aims to create a secure space in the online world for LGBTI people, to provide a true image of the community, and thus counterbalance the number of hoaxes in media.

You can find the list of all supported projects here.

The supported projects were selected by an evaluation committee composed of the following representatives:

  • Daniela Danihelová (Community Foundation Bratislava)
  • Dominika Horňáková (Pontis Foundation)
  • Dávid Žitňanský (Vacuumlabs)
  • Richard Fekete (Slovenská sporiteľňa)
  • Richard Hargaš (Accenture)


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