08. 04. 2024

We Strengthen the Capacities of Civil Organizations Not Only Financially but Also Through Educational Workshops

We have launched the Incubator 2024 aimed at new and smaller NGOs.

How to communicate your activities? How to acquire financial resources? Why is it important to have a defined vision and mission for the organization? Over the next few weeks, we will seek answers to these questions together with 17 organizations and mentors from various fields as part of the Impact Lab Incubator – a grant and educational program for smaller and new organizations. 

Last week, we met with enthusiastic and engaged people from all over Slovakia in Zvolen at the first educational workshop. We started with fundamental topics – defining the organization’s vision and mission or the theory of change, led by our colleagues Norbert Maur and Dominika Hroššová. Both are convinced that defining vision, mission, and theory of change make sense for organizations. During the workshop, they showed how these elements help organizations stay on track, improve in what they do, and strengthen the team. 

Representatives of the organizations that the evaluation committees have selected for the Impact Lab Incubator 2024. Photo: Marek Mucha

In addition to education, a pleasant part of the workshop was networking among organizations and interesting individuals engaged in them, who found common ground on many topics. We learned about their work, which focuses on education of the pedagogical community, support for young people, assistance to people with disabilities and autism, and many other key topics for our society. 

We look forward to continuing in the coming weeks. The next workshop will be led by Shoshana Chovan from Way Out c. a., who will talk about impact measurement. Workshops focusing on financial and strategic management, PR, HR, and fundraising will follow. For more information, visit the Impact Lab website. 


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