Accenture Endowment Fund at the Pontis Foundation

Accenture is a global company providing a wide range of professional services and solutions in strategic, consulting, digital, technology and business services. The company connects business and technology to help clients improve their results and create sustainable value.
The Accenture Endowment Fund at the Pontis Foundation was established in 2004 under the Foundations Act based on an agreement between Accenture and the Pontis Foundation. The fund aims to support and develop public benefit activities in the fields of:

  • citizen involvement in controlling transparency and the use of public and private funds,
  • physical education and sport,
  • education system,
  • science and education,
  • protection and creation of the environment,
  • protection of spiritual and cultural values,
  • support and development of the social sphere of society,
  • support and development of health care and health protection.

The fund focuses mainly on the development of skills which contribute to increasing the chance of employment and integration into social and economic life.

Mission, programme strategy and priorities

Accenture sees its responsibility in addressing today’s most significant societal challenges. Its mission is to improve the way the world works and lives through innovative solutions – for its clients, employees and the communities in which Accenture operates.
One of the fields in which the company strives for a significant impact on a global scale is addressing employment issues through the Skills to Succeed programme. Launched in 2010, this global programme aims to contribute to developing the skills needed to enter the labour market so that 3 million people can find employment by 2020. The Accenture Endowment Fund in Slovakia contributes to the fulfilment of this goal every year. Thanks to the supported projects, hundreds of people have been able to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to get a job or start their own business.
Furthermore, the Skills to Succeed programme addresses future labour market challenges, especially related to the development of the digital economy. Therefore, it also implements projects aimed at developing the skills of the young generation, necessary for their future employment.
Through its endowment fund, Accenture is also involved in supporting civil society, transparency and the fight against corruption, as well as promoting corporate social responsibility in Slovakia.


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