The Pontis Foundation connects its experience in education and inclusion and long-lasting work with pro bono experts and businesses in order to collectively support creativity and entrepreneurship in young people with different backgrounds and opportunities.

Pontis Foundation Executive Team

Martina Kolesárová


+421 2 5710 8111

Martina is responsible for the strategic management of the education and strategic philanthropy teams. She is also responsible for all activities in the field of social innovation. Besides, she also focuses on the foundation’s fundraising activities and the development of relationships with corporate and institutional partners.

Miriam Šelepová

Project Manager

+421 918 985 219

Miriam is also a part of Inclusion team where she works on the OPEN FUTURE program. She is carrying out the project of pilot extra-curricular center in Trnava where she is in charge of the content regarding education and direct work with children.

Martina Čápová

Program Manager

+421 948 479 350

Martina coordinates the Heart for Children programme, communicates with families and organisations, and procures approved assistance. Besides, she also participates in the implementation of the Open Future programme, mainly in the Zvolen centre. She is also responsible for the Lively Community with Opava programme.

Alica Vidová

programová manažérka

Dominika Gerhatová

programová koordinátorka, Trnava

Martin Točík

programový koordinátor, Zvolen

Michaela Tejbusová

senior mentorka

Zuzana Svoreňová

senior mentorka


Advisory Board

Peter Dráľ

Peter leads the civic association Nové školstvo and he is also an analyst in Learning makes sense project. He worked in Milan Šimečka Foundation for eight years and co-founded the campaign called Chceme vedieť viac o budúcnosti vzdelávania na Slovensku.

Peter Hulényi

Peter used to lead the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Tel Aviv. As Ambassador he was not only spreading the Israeli good practice in start-up environment in Slovakia but also supporting education.

Martina Šturdíková

Martina is the Executive Officer and software engineer in JP Morgan Chase & Co. She is also involved in volunteering activities focused on growth and support of women in the world of technology. She is a member of the Aj Ty v IT civic organization supervisory board.

Anna Symington-Maar

Anna was there when Teach for Slovakia was starting. She set up a development program of inclusive work with children and was also dedicated to leadership skills development. She studied Philosophy and Physics at King’s College in London and International Education in Oxford.

Janette Motlová Maziniová

Janette is a Director of Research Institute of Child Psychology and Psychopathology. She used to be a part of Od emócií k poznaniu – Eduma NGO helping the majority to understand and work with marginalized groups.

Tatiana Švrčková

Tatiana, as CSR Senior Specialist in Slovak Telecom is in charge of corporate responsibility, philanthropy and corporate sponsorship. She represents Slovak Telekom in associations such as BLF, ASFIN and Engage.

Jakub Šimek

Jakub used to work in Pontis Foundation for more than 12 years and he was responsible for global education projects. Programs Sote ICT and Sote Hubs in Kenya are helping young entrepreneurs and start-ups even at high schools. He is also involved in social innovation support and Soci SDGs project.

Marek Zámečník

Marek co-founded a start-up incubator RubixLab and from 2016 also 0100 Ventures that provide start-ups with co-working spaces called 0100 Campus and organize start-ups conferences. He is also the CEO of Vestberry, which provides analytical software for private equity investors.

Vladimír Eliáš

Currently, Vadimír is a CEO of MasterApp in San Franciso. He is responsible for opening a subsidiary in the USA, networking, consultation processes and searching for business opportunities. He was at the root of several projects such as Eatster, Moderný Občan or Tasty.

I witnessed how a Israeli program, Unistream OPEN FUTURE in Slovakia, became one of the most successful and influential initiatives in the country. This program is not only working well but it is also significantly changing the world of innovation and education in Israel. OPEN FUTURE´s potential is equally strong. Being able to contribute to new opportunities for talented young people in deprived communities carries along a huge inner satisfaction.

Peter Hulényi

If we manage to provide high-quality education and programs for all groups of children and young people, regardless the place and family they are born to, we can start to believe that the society in our country can become a mature one.

Janette Motlová Maziniová

Who we are

We create strong and meaningful linkages between the corporate, civic and public sectors in our three strategic topics – social innovation, philanthropy and responsible entrepreneurship. We build expertise our expertise in these issues, bring trends, promote long-term impact, and inspire.

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