The LGBT+ Community Support Fund at the Pontis Foundation

The LGBT+ Community Support Fund is a platform of partners who committed to strengthening diversity in society and supporting the activities of the LGBT+ community in Slovakia in the absence of state funding.

The mission of the fund is to support diversity in Slovakia in the theme of LGBT+. The Fund works towards this aim by supporting specific activities and providing institutional support to non-governmental non-profit organisations that focus on this topic.

The financial resources of the fund are redistributed through a grant call for NGOs and direct support to selected projects. The results of the evaluation of submitted projects as well as directly supported projects are published on the website of the Pontis Foundation and a separate sub-page of the Fund. The amount of a grant per project is usually 1000 EUR or more.

For more information, please contact:

Eva Mikolajczyková

Program Manager

0917 429 981

Eva is a part of the team of inclusion. She is in charge of the dm drogerie markt and Generali endowment funds. At the same time, she coordinates the Online Interpreter programme and sign language courses of the Telekom Endowment Fund.


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