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The Association of Corporate Foundations and Funds Welcomes Two New Members

The beginning of 2024 marks a strengthening for ASFIN. Currently, it already brings together 18 corporate foundations and funds.

The Association of Corporate Foundations and Funds (ASFIN) has welcomed new members into its ranks. 

Following approval by the general assembly, the Volkswagen Slovakia Foundation and the Tipsport Foundation have joined ASFIN. “We are very pleased that ASFIN is growing. The interest in membership from foundations and funds confirms that our path of cooperation and sharing experiences in the development of corporate philanthropy, combined with advocating for transparency and ethics, is right and inspiring for other organizations in the non-governmental sector,” said Tatiana Švrčková, chairperson of ASFIN on the occasion of the association’s expansion. 

Since January 2024, ASFIN now includes 18 corporate foundations and funds. 

Support for education and innovative teaching of German among the priorities

The Volkswagen Slovakia Foundation has long been dedicated to supporting education, innovative teaching of German language and technologies, inclusion and diversity, as well as other topics of public interest. In 2022, it supported projects to assist the health-wise, socially, and otherwise disadvantaged or excluded people with over 363-thousand euros. A similar amount was allocated to support innovative German teaching. Over 123-thousand euros went to projects in centers for children and families, improving conditions in crisis centers, and supporting other activities. 

The Volkswagen Slovakia Foundation has committed to fulfilling all attributes of the transparent corporate foundation and fund code during this year. “Membership in ASFIN is seen as strengthening our commitments to transparency and effectiveness in achieving our public benefit goals,” said foundation trustee Lenka Michálik Holešová. 

She appreciated the emerging opportunities for cooperation and coordination of activities with other corporate foundations and funds associated with ASFIN. She regards the building of partnerships between the corporate and civil sectors as equally important.  

Emphasis on Environmental Protection

The Tipsport Foundation focuses primarily on supporting and protecting the environment, development of sports, cultural heritage, and also promotes the engagement of Tipsport group employees. During its two years of existence, it supported grant programs focused on preserving original fruit tree varieties and planting trees around sports facilities, which engaged sports communities in caring for their surroundings. 

Last fall, the Tipsport Foundation launched the Deployment for the Climate grant program, which supports projects addressing the impacts of climate change. The foundation plans to continue these grant programs in the upcoming years. 

Its activities are, however, much broader; the foundation supports amateur athletes with disabilities, financially assists Czechoslovak sports legends with symbolic pensions, and collaborates on writing and archiving stories of successful athletes. 

“Through membership in ASFIN, we aim to join a group of foundations that approach the distribution of tax allocation responsibly and ethically as a significant element in supporting public benefit activities in Slovakia. Equally important aspects are the development of cooperation with other association members and improving awareness of transparency in handling tax allocation,” emphasized Lucia Štefánková from the Tipsport Foundation. 

The cooperation contributes to the development of corporate philanthropy

New members have committed to adhering to ASFIN standards, which include the Code of Transparent Corporate Foundation and Fund and the Ethical Code. After meeting the conditions and undergoing an audit, they can apply for transparency certificates. 

All ASFIN members complied with the Code of Transparent Corporate Foundation and Fund for 2022 and obtained transparency certificates. The fulfilled conditions verified by KMPG’s audit are published in the overview. 

ASFIN was established in 2013 with the aim of covering significant corporate charitable entities and creating a space for their meetings, communication, cooperation, and exchange of experiences. It contributes to the development of corporate philanthropy and corporate giving in Slovakia. 

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