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We are launching the first philanthropic consulting in Slovakia. Help effectively with Impact Philanthropy!

The Pontis Foundation launches the first professional philanthropic consulting in Slovakia. The service is intended for all philanthropists who want to achieve the greatest possible impact in helping. Professionals from Impact Philanthropy will help you navigate in the Slovak civic sector, identify organisations that are worth supporting, and guide you on your philanthropic journey.

The news that the Vlčko family invested 1.5 billion Czech crowns (almost 60 million euros) in their foundation to support child palliative care caused a sensation. However, what makes this gift truly unique is not the enormous amount of funding but an emphasis on a clear plan. Although it was a very personal decision, Ondrej and Katarína Vlčko were able to rely on philanthropic advisors in their decision-making, who helped them turn their vision into a strategy.

Philanthropic advisors played a key role in one of the greatest donations in history. When the world’s third-richest woman, MacKenzie Scott, decided to donate $ 8.5 billion to education last year, philanthropic advisors helped her select the best out of thousands of organisations and schools.

Today, modern philanthropy is no longer just a matter of heart and intuition but it is increasingly based on expertise and excellent knowledge of the environment. It is still true that something as intimate as the desire to help must come from within. However, if we emphasize impact, enthusiasm alone is not enough.

The new generation of philanthropists is getting younger today and no longer just wants just to “write cheques”. More than saving a failing state, these people want to improve the world. For example, through the promotion of social innovation. This trend has been confirmed in our First Survey on Elite Philanthropy in Slovakia. Almost 40% of respondents said that they prefer prevention and strategic solutions over charity.

Your philanthropic story

At the Pontis Foundation, we have many years of experience in individual philanthropy and the management of endowment funds of the most important companies.

In recent years, through the Generation 3.0 and Open Future programmes, we have focused on innovation in education.

We now want to share our know-how and unique knowledge of the Slovak civic sector with all of you, to whom philanthropy is appealing, but you do not know how to start or help effectively. The amount of support is not important. At Impact Philanthropy, we will help you get your philanthropic story started.

Individual donations are on the rise in our region. In the Czech Republic, this kind of donorship is growing three times faster than the economy. In Slovakia last year, over 3 million euros were collected through the Darujme.sk portal alone, which is 100% more than the year before. The so-called 2% tax assignation in 2019 resulted in a higher amount of funding raised from individuals than from companies for the first time (almost 37 million).

What is Impact Philanthropy about?

Tens of thousands of projects apply for your support and trust every day, and it is not easy to choose. We will therefore be happy to help you navigate in the Slovak civic sector, identify organisations that are worth supporting (in addition to the impact, we also consider the team’s experience and transparency), and set your philanthropic strategy.

If you want to focus on philanthropy “fully”, we will be happy to manage your individual donor fund, or we will help you with impact measurement or setting up your foundation.

An individual approach and mutual trust are a matter of course. We believe that positive change is only positive if people behind it behave honestly and do not have a negative impact on our country.

According to the Social Impact Alliance for CEE, Slovakia’s philanthropic potential is worth 370 million euros. Our mission at Impact Philanthropy is to provide you with independent advice so that each of your euros not only feels good but also achieves the desired impact.

Who we are

We create strong and meaningful linkages between the corporate, civic and public sectors in our three strategic topics – social innovation, philanthropy and responsible entrepreneurship. We build expertise our expertise in these issues, bring trends, promote long-term impact, and inspire.

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