13. 04. 2021 Philanthropy

We supported 35 projects focused on distance learning for children from socially disadvantaged backgrounds

The Telekom Endowment Fund at the Pontis Foundation has decided to support and improve conditions for children from socially disadvantaged backgrounds and vulnerable groups in online education.

We redistributed 50,000 euros to 35 projects.

The grant programme aimed to support primary schools, special primary schools and civic associations established at these schools in providing technical equipment and the necessary accessories for online teaching. 72 schools from all over Slovakia were interested in the grant.

One of the supported schools is Primary School, Nám. kpt. Nálepku 12, Drienov, which succeeded with their project entitled Wi-Fi Gateway to Online School. The project aims to create a public access point to the Internet, the so-called outdoor Wi-Fi zone with a free internet connection, to which pupils will be able to connect via a mobile phone or computer.

The special primary school in Banská Štiavnica succeeded with the project entitled A Tablet for LIFE-Skills. At the school, they plan to buy pupils tablets and internet cards with data, which will allow children from socially disadvantaged backgrounds and vulnerable groups to participate in online learning.

The selection of projects was decided by an evaluation committee composed of:

  • Martina Čápová
  • Jakub Šimek
  • Daniela Kellerová
  • Jakub Žaludko
  • Barbora Hullová
  • Mária Kalčok Babušová

The following attended the meeting of the evaluation committee without the right to vote:

  • Eva Mikolajczyková, Pontis Foudation
  • Dominika Horňáková, Pontis Foudation
  • Tatiana Švrčková, Telekom
  • Matej Palacka, Pontis Foudation

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