The Good Partner for the Community Award lays emphasis on a company’s strategic approach toward donations and what the company has achieved thanks to it in dealing with a particular problem. This award is conferred for:

  • consistent support of a particular topic or area, the positive impact of this support on the others especially in 2017, and the quest for the sustainability of the solution;
  • systematic partnerships with one or several non-profit organizations,
  • innovative approaches to dealing with social issues or supporting a particular target group;
  • the value of a donation from their own resources and different forms of in-kind support in relation to a company’s size (number of employees and profit). Companies can also nominate projects which relied on assigned tax as a source of funding. In such a case, companies, however, have to describe in more detail how they contributed: employees’ time, gifts in kind, pro bono services, etc.;
  • support motivated especially by charitable help and investment in the community rather than by a commercial intention.However, it is legitimate when philanthropy is also beneficial to the company, for example, if it leads to an improvement in corporate culture, employees’ good feeling, their pride and loyalty toward the company, an improvement in the company’s public reputation, customers’ loyalty, etc. Such positive benefits for the company are fully in line with the award’s purpose and contribute to the sustainability of the support.

The committee may decide to confer two awards in this category – for a large and a small/medium-sized company.

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