The Great Employer Award is intended for a company whose best projects and activities in 2017 have been aimed at equal opportunities, creating good working conditions for employees, promotion of education and employees’ satisfaction. This award is conferred for:

  • transparency of recruitment and equal opportunities for different groups of employees (projects aimed at the employment of marginalized groups, improvement in workplace diversity, and discrimination reduction);
  • transparent methods of the assessment and remuneration of employees (gender equality in employees’ remuneration and appraisals);
  • employees’ constant development and education which support employability, for example, personal development trainings;
  • promotion of employees’ work-life balance;
  • creating and improving conditions for employees’ health protection and work safetyconstant and innovative education in the area of safety and health protection over and above statutory requirements;
  • projects presenting a company’s attitude toward employees in critical situations (transparent communication, an environment relieving stress levels, cooperation in seeking a new job, an offer of retraining courses, etc.);
  • company-initiated and company-organized involvement of employees such as community volunteering events during and outside working hours (of menial character or active spending of time with non-profits’ clients), organization of charity fairs, collections, experience activities;
  • support of expert volunteering or Pro Bono projects, which enable employees to provide free public services.

The committee may decide to confer two awards in this category – for a large and a small/medium-sized company.

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