The Green Company Award is conferred on a company which implemented an extraordinary project or performed extraordinary activities aimed at environmental protection in the previous year. In this category we award inspiring environmental programmes which a company implements over and above statutory obligations, for example:

  • reduction of emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere, such as CO2 management, car fleet management;
  • environmental product design, use of recyclable and biodegradable materials, use of waste as a valuable raw material, support for the circular economy, extension of the lifespan of products (modifications and resale);
  • economical and efficient use of energies and materials, primary and secondary raw materials, for example, use of renewable energy sources, reductions in energy consumption and primary materials, waste separation and recycling;
  • protection of biodiversity, protected areas, endangered fauna and flora;
  • involvement of employees, customers, suppliers, community, and the general public in environmental protection or cooperation with non-profit organizations and associations on environmental projects;
  • innovative solutions and new approaches to environmental protection on the market or in an industry.

The committee may decide to confer two awards in this category – for a large and a small/medium-sized company.

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