The Civil Society Organisation Sustainability Index

The Civil Society Organisation Sustainability Index is a crucial analytical tool which measures the development of the civic sector in the region of Central and Eastern Europe and Eurasia. For more than 20 years, the index has been monitoring the development of civil society in 24 countries. It examines the environment which affects civil society. The index was created by the American Agency for International Development in collaboration with local organisations in each of the monitored countries.

In 2019, the overall sustainability of civil society organisations slightly improved. In the field of the legal environment, there was a positive development as the long-awaited Act on the Register of Non-Governmental Organisations entered into force. The financial viability of civil society organisations has shifted for better due to the creation of several new fundraising initiatives. There have been no major changes in other aspects of the sustainability of civil society organisations. We put these findings in the context of the events of 2020 and, based on the identified long-term problems of the third sector, together with experts and invited representatives of the public sector, we sought recommendations for improvements.

Read the Civil Society Organisation Sustainability Index in English or Slovak here.


On the 12th of May 2020, there were 60,249 civil society organisations registered in Slovakia. This number includes:

57,193 civic associations

516 non-investment funds

1,739 non-profit organisations providing services of general interest

147 entities with an international element

654 foundations

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For more information about the Index, please contact program manager:

Daniela Kellerová

Program Manager

+421 903 437 462

As a part of the team of inclusion, Daniela is in charge of endowment funds of companies such as Johnson Controls, Philip Morris, and Mercedes Benz Financial Services. The funds focus on inclusion of marginalised people. At the same time, Daniela coordinates the pilot project of after-school centres with the involvement of expert volunteers.


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