Business Leaders Forum

About the Business Leaders Forum

The Business Leaders Forum (BLF) is an informal association of companies committed to being leaders in promoting the principles of Corporate Responsibility (CR, CSR) in Slovakia. We perceive responsible entrepreneurship as part of the daily decisions of a company which strives to respect the needs of all its partners (stakeholders).

How does it work?

The association elects a president and an advisory committee from among its members for a two-year term. The elected representatives define the topics of the association for the following period. The BLF members meet at regular quarterly meetings. There, through discussion and often with the participation of external guests, they share examples of best practice in specific CSR topics, assess implemented activities and plan the activities for the coming months. They implement the ideas of responsible entrepreneurship individually in their companies as well as through events and working groups.

Our vision

We want to achieve sustainable development and prosperity of Slovakia through responsible entrepreneurship.

Our mission

We want to cultivate society by creating and implementing standards of responsible entrepreneurship.